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Built in 1972, the Stade site has developed to one of the most important and largest industrial sites in Lower Saxony.

Today, four chemical companies and a number of logistics and utilities partners are located in the Stade industrial park which is operated by Dow. Accumulated 4 billion Euros were invested to erect a state of the art and highly integrated chemical site. More than 1.600 employees and a few hundred contractors manufacture in 16 production plants on a surface of approximately 550 hectares almost 3 millon tons of basic and specialty chemicals per year – altogether more than 20 different product families.

Stade‘s Industrial Park concept focuses on the creation of synergies between a potential investor and the Stade site. The Stade location offers a variety of opportunities to potential investors- access to highly integrated chemical site infrastructure and to efficient shared services creating a solid base for a long term cost efficient operation.

Our Services
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Our Services at Industrial Park Stade

We offer you a development and complex materials co operation: with the companies which have already settled in Stade or with other companies of other Chemical Parks in the region.

The infrastructure and service concept which is specific for Stade provides chemical companies with numerous advantages due to the concentration on main tasks, thus reducing costs.


The Stade location offers a variety of opportunities

- access to a highly integrated chemical site infrastructure

- efficient shared services creating a solid base for a long term cost efficient operation

- high backwards integration of raw materials (e.g.: chlorine, caustic, hydrogen, ethylene, propylene)

- use and/or finishing of existing products (product line extension)

- integration into production envelope (partial integration)

- deep see harbor, industry rail station, container terminal, maintenance contractor park and various international logistic partner

- power generation on site plus supply from public grid

- excellent relations to community and authorities

- broad technical expertise and engineering on site

- highly qualified and motivated personnel for plant operations and maintenance


Industrial Park Stade Summary Sheet
  • Park Area 550.00 hectares / 5,500,000 m² / 59,201,507 ft²
  • Available Free Space 1,500,000 m² / 16,145,866 ft²
  • Selection of Services
    • Crisis communication
    • Training (vocational / advanced)
    • Medical services
    • Technical and maintenance services
    • Warehousing and logistics
    • Engineering and planning
    • Analytical services
    • Safety/quality/environmental control
    • Power grid services
  • Industries Industrial Gases / Pharmaceuticals / Polymers / Specialty and Fine Chemicals
  • Companies Dow Deutschland Anlagengesellschaft mbH/ Olin Blue Cube Germany Assets GmbH&Co.KG/ Trinseo Deutschland Anlagengesellschaft mbH/ AIR LIQUIDE industrielle Gase GmbH & Co. KG / Air Products GmbH/ evides industry water/ Alfred Talke GmbH & Co
  • Website www.Dowstade.de

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Partner for your business
  • Dow Deutschland Anlagengesellschaft, Werk Stade
  • Rik Lehmann

    IPark & Infrastructure Management

  • Bützflether Sand
  • 21683 Stade
  • Phone +49 4146 91 2116
  • rlehmann@dow.com
  • www.Dowstade.de