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Portfolio of Services

Tailor-made services

The local operators of the Chemical Parks offer the chemical industry a broad range of services, covering all activities from planning to construction and operation of chemical plants. These services often include the provision of energy and water, disposal of liquid waste and other waste materials, process and plant safety, as well as environmental protection, security and fire prevention.


Fast start-up on a “plug and play” basis

At the early stage of investment, the local operators help investors comply with national regulations. Established processes and contacts with competent public authorities expedite licensing procedures so that activities can start on a “plug and play basis”. Companies can obtain energy supplies, raw materials and intermediates and use plants and facilities collectively.

These services are e.g.:
  • Technical and maintenance services
  • Warehousing and logistics
  • Engineering and planning
  • IT and communications
  • Analytical services
  • Facilities management
  • Safety/quality/environmental control
  • Power grid services
  • Human resource services
  • Training (vocational / advanced)
  • Medical services
  • Public relations
  • Crisis communication
  • Event management
  • Waste management
  • Permits and authority management
  • Fire brigade
  • Security services


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The German Chemical Parks are interconnected via numerous pipelines, as well as being linked to neighboring countries. This exceptionally well developed network of pipelines connects the Chemical Parks to the European transshipment centres for mineral oil, natural gas and naphtha. Pipeline connections with Mediterranean and North Sea ports and with Russia ensure stable supplies of crude oil and natural gas from various sources. The Chemical Parks also obtain ethylene and propylene via pipeline connections. Pipelines for hydrogen, carbon monoxide and specialized gases link the chemical complexes to each other.

The cost benefits of fewer employees

The bottom line is: Chemical Parks enable investors to focus entirely on production. Pharmaceutical and chemical companies located at these parks require fewer employees because of the wide range of services offered by the location operators. This is an additional cost benefit in terms of competition. The process of starting up production facilities is quick and easy. Companies can launch their products fast and efficiently onto the nearby European markets.