Located near the Dutch border in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, BIZZPARK Oberbruch is home to high-tech companies from various sectors, including the carbon fiber and food & beverage industries.

BIZZPARK Oberbruch provides resident companies with a comprehensive range of utility and on-site services, including energy supply, waste management, water treatment, and logistics.

The excellent infrastructure conditions at the 270 acre site enable resident companies to focus on their core business while outsourcing important activities to a reliable partner with many years of industry experience.

An important industrial location since 1891 and the birthplace of the artificial fiber industry, BIZZPARK Oberbruch is a subsidiary of Veolia Deutschland, a market leader in energy, water, and circular-economy solutions.

Our Services
Our Services at BIZZPARK Oberbruch

We offer you a development and complex materials co operation: with the companies which have already settled in Heinsberg or with other companies of other Chemical Parks in the region.

The infrastructure and service concept which is specific for Heinsberg provides chemical companies with numerous advantages due to the concentration on main tasks, thus reducing costs.


We have a vision

Our goal is to catalyze your success.

We strive to furnish optimal conditions for your production activities with a comprehensive range of on-site services.

We particularly pride ourselves on our flexibility: we are ready to adapt and customize our service portfolio to your specific needs. 

As a subsidiary of Veolia Deutschland, we offer cutting-edge water, energy, and waste management solutions.


BIZZPARK Service Spectrum

In the area of technical engineering, we’re ready to assist with process optimization, energy and resource efficiency, and environmental compliance management, including necessary communication with regulatory authorities.

As part of our energy consulting portfolio, we help resident companies to improve the resource efficiency of their production processes while also limiting their carbon footprint, offering advanced IT tools for monitoring and optimizing energy use.

Our on-site combined heat and power plant allows us to offer a full spectrum of utility services, including electricity, heat, cold, natural gas; technical gases such as pressurized air, hydrogen, and nitrogen; and water in various qualities for specialized purposes.

Resident companies can also take advantage of a wide range of maintenance, cleaning, logistic, waste management, and other on-site services.


BIZZPARK Oberbruch is ideally situated:

Located in the Germany city of Heinsberg near the Dutch border, BIZZPARK Oberbruch benefits from excellent local infrastructure and transportation access, including close proximity to three international airports (Düsseldorf, Aachen-Maastricht, and Cologne-Bonn). The Aachen region boasts a variety of universities and research institutes, and thus has an excellent pool of highly qualified workers, in addition to opportunities for third-party research collaboration.


BIZZPARK Oberbruch Summary Sheet
  • Park Area 100.00 hectares / 1,000,000 m² / 10,763,910 ft²
  • Available Free Space 250,000 m² / 2,690,978 ft²
  • Selection of Services
    • Public relations
    • Medical services
    • Technical and maintenance services
    • Warehousing and logistics
    • Engineering and planning
    • IT and communications
    • Facilities management
    • Analytical services
    • Event management
    • Safety/quality/environmental control
    • Power grid services
  • Industries Biotechnology / Packaging / Pharmaceuticals / Polymers / Specialty and Fine Chemicals
  • Companies Teijin Carbon Europe, GNT, Otto Gourmet, CMP, E&K Leiterplatten, Solid Power, Alliander, Bilfinger, Atos, BKK-EUREGIO, AMZ Arbeitsmedizinisches Zentrum.

    More details? View our interactive Map:
  • Website http://www.bizzpark-oberbruch.de

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Free Space BIZZPARK (1)


New Utility Building


Clients Facility at Site


Wastewater Treatment Plant


Clients Facility at Site


Free Space BIZZPARK (2)


Utility Center and Wastewater Treatment Plant


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Partner for your business

Park summary brochure 506.44 KB