With an area of approximately ten square kilometres the Ludwigshafen Verbund site is the world’s largest integrated chemical complex. As the headquarters of BASF, it is also the cradle of the Verbund concept, where production facilities, energy flows and logistics are networked together intelligently. This integration leads to efficient value-adding chains from basic chemicals to highly sophisticated products. The backbone of the Ludwigshafen production Verbund is a dense network of around 200 production plants that are connected to each other by over 2,850 kilometers of pipelines and more than 230 kilometers of rail track. At BASF’s Ludwigshafen site, some 8,000 sales products are produced with a total volume of 8.5 million metric tons per year from just a few raw materials, such as naphtha, rock salt and sulfur. The site also serves as a technology platform and the center of corporate research.

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Our Services at BASF SE

We offer you a development and complex materials co operation: with the companies which have already settled in Ludwigshafen or with other companies of other Chemical Parks in the region.

The infrastructure and service concept which is specific for Ludwigshafen provides chemical companies with numerous advantages due to the concentration on main tasks, thus reducing costs.


We have a vision

At BASF, we create chemistry for a sustainable future. We combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. The approximately 114,000 employees in the BASF Group work on contributing to the success of our customers in nearly all sectors and almost every country in the world.


BASF - We create chemistry

BASF is the world’s leading chemical company headquartered in Germany. Its portfolio is organized into six segments: Chemicals, Materials, Industrials Solutions, Surface Technologies, Nutrition & Care and Agricultural Solutions.


The Chemicals segment consists of the Petrochemicals and Intermediates divisions. In our integrated production facilities – our Verbund – we produce a broad range of basic chemicals and intermediates in Europe, Asia and North and South America.


The segment Materials  consists of the Performance Materials and Monomers divisions.


The segment Industrial Solutions covers the business of Dispersions & Pigments as well as for Performance Chemicals.


The segment Surface Technologies comprises the Catalysts, Coatings and the Construction Chemicals divisions. They develop and market system solutions, services and innovative products, particularly for the automotive, electronic, chemical and construction industries as well as for household applications, sports and leisure.


The segment Nutrition & Care covers the divisions Care Chemicals and Nutrition & Health.


The Agricultural Solutions segment also includes Crop Protection. We develop and produce innovative solutions for the improvement of crop health and yields, and market them worldwide.


An effective logistical infrastructure complements the Verbund. Keystones are the intermodal transport terminal (300,000 units/year), the modern logistics center (100,000 tons packed chemicals, eightfold throughput per year), harbor facilities and connection by block trains to Antwerp, Rotterdam, Eastern Germany and the Mediterranean Sea. Furthermore, ethylene and propylene pipelines link Ludwigshafen to other key chemical complexes.


BASF SE Summary Sheet
  • Park Area 1,000.00 hectares / 10,000,000 m² / 107,639,104 ft²
  • Available Free Space 500,000 m² / 5,381,955 ft²
  • Selection of Services
    • Public relations
    • Crisis communication
    • Human resource services
    • Training (vocational / advanced)
    • Medical services
    • Technical and maintenance services
    • Warehousing and logistics
    • Engineering and planning
    • IT and communications
    • Facilities management
    • Analytical services
    • Event management
    • Safety/quality/environmental control
    • Power grid services
  • Industries Biotechnology / Industrial Gases / Packaging / Pharmaceuticals / Polymers / Refinery/Petrochemicals / Specialty and Fine Chemicals
  • Companies • Air Liquide Deutschland GmbH
    • BASELL Polyolefine GmbH
    • BASF Colors & Effects GmbH
    • BASF Construction Solutions GmbH
    • BASF Gastronomie GmbH
    • BASF Logistics GmbH
    • BASF New Business GmbH
    • BASF Business GmbH
    • BASF Jobmarkt GmbH
    • BASF Plant Science Company GmbH
    • BASF Stiftung
    • BASF Venture Capital GmbH
    • BASF Wohnen & Bauen GmbH
    • DyStar Colours Distribution GmbH
    • EPS Ethylen-Pipeline-Süd GmbH & Co. KG
    • Ineos Styrolution GmbH
    • Kombi-Terminal Ludwigshafen GmbH
    • Lanfer Logistik GmbH
    • Lummus Novolen Technology GmbH
    • SCL GmbH
    • trinamiX GmbH
  • Website www.basf.com
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