Infrarhod Industry Park is located in the northern industrial area of Freiburg im Breisgau, near the border with France and Switzerland.


Operating company of Infrarhod Industry Park is Rhodia Acetow with around 800 employees. Rhodia Acetow, headquartered in Freiburg, is the global quality and innovation leader in cellulose acetate tow used in the manufacturing of cigarette filter. Also more than 20 companies with around 200 employees have already settled in Infrarhod Industry Park.


As a closed and guarded area, Infrarhod Industry Park offers visitor reception service and an in-house plant fire brigade. It is certified according to ISO 9001, 14 001, and 50001 and meets all necessary safety standards in accordance with OSHAS.


The location has a very good infrastructure connection: the A5 motorway is 5 km away. Likewise, the industrial park is very well connected to the European road network by the federal road B3 in the north-south direction and the federal road B31 in the east-west direction. In addition, the Freiburg main railway station is connected to the high-speed train network of the Deutsche Bahn and can be reached in about 10 minutes by car.


Five international airports (Zurich, Basle, Strasbourg, Stuttgart and Frankfurt) can be reached by car in 1.5 - 2.5 hours.


The university city of Freiburg also offers a very high quality of life as a place of residence and also a high leisure value through the Black Forest, the Vosges mountains in France and neighboring Switzerland.

Our Services
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Our Services at Infrarhod Industry Park

We offer you a development and complex materials co operation: with the companies which have already settled in Freiburg or with other companies of other Chemical Parks in the region.

The infrastructure and service concept which is specific for Freiburg provides chemical companies with numerous advantages due to the concentration on main tasks, thus reducing costs.


Infrarhod Industry Park Summary Sheet
  • Park Area 53.00 hectares / 530,000 m² / 5,704,873 ft²
  • Available Free Space 0 m² / 0 ft²
  • Selection of Services
    • Technical and maintenance services
    • Engineering and planning
    • Facilities management
    • Safety/quality/environmental control
    • Power grid services
  • Industries Polymers
  • Companies
  • Website

© Rhodia Acetow GmbH; all rights reserved

© Rhodia Acetow GmbH; all rights reserved

© Rhodia Acetow GmbH; all rights reserved

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