Colorful, courageous, curious – the corporate values are also being brought to life at Covestro’s northernmost site in Brunsbüttel, Germany. As the operator of the Covestro Brunsbüttel Industrial Park, Covestro is taking bold steps, including having a multi-colored design painted on the site’s chimney, a colorful accent in the midst of the coastal plain dotted with wind turbines and high-voltage pylons. It’s a real eye-catcher, especially for the cruise ships on the Elbe as they make their way from and to Hamburg.

Since 2005 the company has been not just a manufacturer in the northern region, but also the operator of the Covestro Brunsbüttel Industrial Park, a state-of-the-art chemical site with outstanding infrastructure. Some 1,000 people work at the 420-hectare site. With around 600 employees, Covestro is one of the largest employers in the entire region. Many employees ride their bicycles to work from neighboring residential areas – in most cases crossing the Kiel Canal by ferry.

The cornerstone for Covestro’s northernmost production site was laid in 1973. Concrete piles up to 26 meters long had to be rammed into the soft, marshy ground for stabilization. The first plants came on stream four years later, initially for the production of toluene diisocyanate (TDI), a key component of flexible polyurethane foam. After nearly 40 years of reliable production, a decision was reached to move the production center for TDI production in Europe to the Dormagen site on the Lower Rhine.
Aside from TDI, since 1988 the Brunsbüttel site also has produced diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI), which is needed for rigid foams, for example for efficient building insulation, so Covestro is taking advantage of the existing excellent and modern infrastructure in Brunsbüttel and expanding the site into the biggest production center for MDI in Europe.


Our Services
Our Services at Covestro Industrial Park Brunsbüttel

We offer you a development and complex materials co operation: with the companies which have already settled in Brunsbüttel or with other companies of other Chemical Parks in the region.

The infrastructure and service concept which is specific for Brunsbüttel provides chemical companies with numerous advantages due to the concentration on main tasks, thus reducing costs.


Covestro Industrial Park Brunsbüttel Summary Sheet
  • Park Area 420.00 hectares / 4,200,000 m² / 45,208,424 ft²
  • Available Free Space 2,400,000 m² / 25,833,385 ft²
  • Selection of Services
    • Training (vocational / advanced)
    • Medical services
    • Technical and maintenance services
    • Warehousing and logistics
    • Engineering and planning
    • Analytical services
    • Safety/quality/environmental control
    • Power grid services
  • Industries Biotechnology / Industrial Gases / Packaging / Pharmaceuticals / Polymers / Refinery/Petrochemicals / Specialty and Fine Chemicals
  • Companies
  • Website

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